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Milo, the dog who taught me true love


1010, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

Posted March 8, 2017

Milo was the first dog that I truly took care of, the first who was truly mine - with this, I'm not saying that my other pets weren't loved or that I didn't take care of them, I was just too young to do so and my parents did that job for me.

Milo was born on August 12, 2013 and a family friend gave it to my mom as a gift (yes, Milo was hers at first). She, being pregnant at the time, didn't have the patience to sleep in the same room as a two-months old puppy who was spending its first night in a new place; so, she gave it to me the following day and dared me to put up with it -needless to say, I did. I wasn't able to sleep at night for about a week because of Milo, but I am not complaining, it was my choice. In my bedroom, I put boxes and other things in a semi circle against the wall and put newspaper, an old sheet and bowls with food and water inside it to create a little house for him because he was so tiny that I was afraid I would step on him in the morning or he would hide in small places far from reach. Milo, being a new puppy, wasn't able to sleep unless I was with him or touching him, so it was a little accomplishing that without letting him sleep with me on the bed - I didn't want him to pee on my bed or fall down accidentally, so that was not a choice. What I did was put him on his 'bed' inside the semi-circle and stroke him until he fell asleep and then went to bed, this was also hard to accomplish because my bed likes to make sounds whenever you need it to be quiet (I swear that it does it on purpose) and, of course, every tiny sound woke him up so I had to start all over again. During that week, I only slept in the mornings, when my grandma woke up and could keep him company. And, although it was hard, I don't regret it at all because it made our bond that much more special. After that, he was mine.

I took care of Milo, I took him to the veterinary, I cleaned his business, I cleaned him and took him for a walk. He was always with me and finally, when he was big enough, I let him sleep with me on my bed.

When I moved to another city and couldn't take him with me because of my living situation, I realized just how loyal he was to me. He always knew whenever I came home, he could smell me a block away, or so my family tells me. He was always waiting for me at the front door and barked excitedly whenever he saw me, and he slept in my room with me whenever I was home. Also, his sad face whenever I had to leave always made me cry, I know he knew that he wasn't going to see me for a while.

I remember that last year I was going through some really hard stuff and I started crying, Milo was already sleeping but he woke up, went to my side of the bed and started whimpering to make me notice him. He begged me to get him up on the bed and, when I did, he comforted me. I don't know how, but he made me forget about my problems and I even started laughing in a few minutes.

Milo is the pet who truly taught me how to be responsible for another living creature and the one who taught me that pets can love as much as humans. He also made me incredibly happy for many years and I will always be grateful for that and will never forget about him.

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