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Kansas, United States

Posted May 27, 2016

Hard to believe so much time has passed since my friendly little buddy passed away, but he was a great friend! We got this black toy poodle one warm April day when he was just a few weeks olds, and one of my earliest memories was of this little guy chasing yellow butterflies on his first walk.


This pup brought an exuberance to life that would have exhausted almost any other dog (and actually did exhaust his humans at times). He greeted every new experience and social interaction with enthusiasm. Although he was comparatively easy to train and quickly learning to come when called and sit on command, he also possessed a stubborn streak that led him to sometimes ignore commands - not because he didn't understand them, but because he wanted to explore something else and didn't feel like obeying. Because of this, we always had to keep him on a leash when we went outside - otherwise we could not be sure he would come back when we called him. He was highly intelligent and protective of another dog we got a couple of years later, a dachshund pup I have already reviewed.

Care and Grooming:

Poodles have curly, wiry hair that does require professional grooming, so there is a cost associated with that to consider before adding this breed to your family. However, they do not shed as much as some other breeds, and that makes other types of maintenance (vacuuming, etc.) much easier to keep up with. Because this pup had black fur, we had to be more careful with him in the summer heat, while still making sure he got enough exercise to burn off some of his energy - but otherwise he loved the outdoors and indoors alike. He wasn't as cuddly as some dogs, but he never turned down a chance to have his ears scratched either. This dog did not suffer any serious health issues in all the years we had him until the end, when age caught up with him and he began to lose his sight. Eventually, he passed away naturally in his sleep, with no medical trauma or any reason to put him down. He shared a close bond with our dachshund, and when he passed away she barked and cried for three days almost non-stop.


This little guy was enthusiastic about life in general and loved both his family and his best doggy friend with all of his heart. Although he had comparatively high-maintenance grooming needs, his lack of shedding in general made it easier to keep up with him. We miss this pup, but we were glad to have him as part of our family for many years and are grateful that he passed peacefully, without any pain or prolonged suffering. I would definitely recommend this breed!

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