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North Carolina, United States

Posted August 24, 2015

My mother decided when I was quite young that she wanted to show and breed Poodles instead of Corgis, I never understood that because Corgis were so much more easy going. Plus as it turned out Lacey was 1/4 inch too tall to be shown as a toy and 2 inches too short to be shown as a miniature, she was a freak of nature. So we got a poodle, her name was Paper Lace, we called her Lacey. She was an alright dog at first because you know all puppies are cute. But then as she got older and we started breeding her the Dr Jekyll of Lacey came out. She was a mean little sucker. She was also quite willful and sneaky. One Christmas we had put all the gifts under the tree, and she tore into each and everyone of them and managed to eat five pounds of chocolate; how she didn't keel over from that I will never know. When she whelping I was the only person who could be near her, because she bit everyone who tried to help her with her puppies or pretty much anything. I can't say I was sad when she was taken to the vet to put to sleep, she had gotten really sick and she was blind. She had also taken to biting our cats if they got too close to her. Poodles are also not always good with children, they can be extremely moody. But the constant yapping at everything that drove by the house nearly drove me to drink. I am not a fan of yappy dogs.

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