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Reagan the Toy Poodle


Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States

Posted June 21, 2014

Reagan was a Toy Poodle my mom bought when I was roughly 10 years old. She brought Reagan home from the pet store and placed him into my dad’s lap while he was taking a nap - and that was the start of a love/hate relationship! Reagan was truly my mom’s dog. He didn’t really take to anyone else in the family. He chose her as his master and was loyal to only her. He followed her everywhere and snubbed off the rest of the family most of the time.

This isn’t to say that we all didn’t have our quiet, special, and playful moments with Reagan. But to say that he cared about anyone else in the family but my mom would not be a stretch! For this reason I rated him moderate as a family oriented dog. He was more like a one-person oriented dog. My mom was his world.

Reagan liked to BARK! He barked at anything and everything - but this didn’t come without its benefits! Reagan was a tough dog and that made him a great watch dog. One time he even chased a black bear off of our property in Alaska. Of course, we all know who would have won if that bear decided he wanted a bite-sized snack! Reagan was the type of small dog that like to nip at people. His bites never hurt and never caused serious harm, but he nipped. This may be common with the breed and might make the breed unsuitable for small children.

Despite Reagan’s little quirks, he was a good dog - true and loyal! (To my mom)

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