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Minerva the Poodle


1872, Argentina

Posted December 23, 2014

When my mum finally allowed me and my brother to have a dog, it was under one condition: it had to be a Miniature Poodle. Not only is this breed’s size perfect for our small house, but the fact that they don’t loose hair helps a lot when it comes to cleaning.
Minerva was around 3 months old when she got home and she got used to her new life with no problems. She only cried during her first night, but after that she slept peacefully on her cushion. Training her was a bit tricky, as even after a year she would still pee inside the house. I guess this also has to do with the fact that we don’t have a garden, so she had to learn to go to the bathroom on the terrace or wait until we could take her to the park.
She is a great watch dog. Every time that someone walks past our doorstep talking loudly or making a lot of noise, she’ll start barking. She’ll also bark at people who she doesn't know, until she sees that we treat them as friends. She is also great with babies and kids, and won’t bite them or be rough with them even if they bother her.
She absolutely adores all the members in our family, and receives us wagging her tail and jumping after a long day of working or studying. I love her, and I simply couldn't ask for a better dog.

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