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Meet Nike!



Posted March 29, 2015

Nike is my 9 year old poodle cross. He is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, best natured dog I’ve ever known. And that’s saying A LOT, because I’ve known some wonderful pups.

Nike was purchased from a middle man- looking back I suspect he was born in a puppy mill and then shipped to an alternate location specializing in “hypoallergenic” dogs to be sold. My thoughts on puppy mills are a whole other story- I just wish I knew more about them back then.

Regardless, Nike is a wonderful dog. He was easy to train (both house and obedience), although some of his training has fallen away since we’ve stopped practicing. Nike is about 20lbs. I consider him to be a lower energy dog. He loves his walks, but he’s also happy lounging on the couch and eating chips. He’s an easy going guy ?

Nike is FANTASTIC with my pet rabbit- they sit on the couch together with no problems. He’s actually very good with all other animals, except for the fact that he barks at dogs until he has a chance to meet them.

Nike’s feeding costs aren’t huge considering he is a small dog. He has unlimited access to kibble and water, as well as the occasional treat (always meat, never dog treats). He loves fresh fruit and veggies as well.

Nike’s vet expenses have mostly been run of the mill, except for a recent skin condition. It took quite a few appointments and medications (and trips to the bank) to figure out what the problem was. Turns out he had a minor infection. Now he’s all clear!

Nike is the perfect “starter” dog. He is good natured, relatively low maintenance (minimal brushing/shedding, but he gets a puppy cut 4x a year), and easily trained. Dogs require a lot of time and responsibility. They really tie you down. BUT if you’re prepared for the commitment (both time and financial), then a poodle cross might be the dog for you!

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