Poodle (Miniature) / Italian Greyhound Mix

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Miniature Poodle X Mini poodle/Italian Greyhound


Bon Aqua, Tennessee, United States

Posted February 5, 2013

This is HANDS DOWN. The BEST possible dog I could ever want. She is absolutely adorable--EVERYONE loves her. I work 2 jobs (vet clinic and pet emergency clinic) and she goes to work with me every day. She is the greeter at my day job and clients absolutely adore her. There is a very long list of people who would steal her in a heartbeat haha (they tell me this all the time). She sits on the counter in her little bed and occasionally goes to the front of the counter to greet clients/pets, then goes back to her bed. She is extremely smart. When I started training her as a puppy, she would pick up a command after maybe the third time? Her temperament is set at a 4 only because she gets nervous around small high strung children. She is very good with well mannered children that aren't jumping around her, pulling on her, or trying to chase her. She did growl at my friends two kids only because they were both chasing her around the house and cornering her and she was scared (she's 13lbs). My boyfriend has an 11 month old and she is fine with him. I have 2 cats that she is very good with. She and Pirate wrestle and play fight every day. She is very good with other dogs, as she see's many of them every day. She plays with big or small dogs, although she does get a little worried when the big dogs start to play a little too rough. She has a 4 for health only because she did, at one point have a luxating patella (knee cap moves out of groove) because she is so active i think she turned wrong and stretched the ligament or something. But it's fine now. She does alert me of any person/animal in the yard/driveway or walking in front of the house. She is not a non-stop barker by any means. She has growled/barked in the middle of the night when something was in the yard, but i don't think she would attack anyone. She has terrier-type fur that I try to shave down every few months. It is easy for me to do it myself and she sits while I groom her. But for someone who isn't a do-it-yourself-er, this may be of expense every 4-6months depending on how you'd like the fur. She is super fast and loves to run around in the yard and go for walks, but is also content with staying inside and laying around. I can walk her without a leash, as she will come when called and follow commands. She is very tolerant, and pretty much lets me do whatever I want to her with no complaints. This is an excellent mix of breeds as it combines the brains and beauty of a poodle, mixed with the agility and sweet personality of an italian greyhound.

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