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My Pom loves me – and no one else


Idaho, United States

Posted February 18, 2014

I currently own a 12-year-old male Pomeranian named Chad. I got Chad when he was around six or eight months old from my brother. My brother bought Chad from a breeder, but could not keep him as he was joining the Navy to serve on nuclear submarines.

Chad quickly attached himself to me and has been my dog ever since. He will tolerate the rest of our household, but given the choice, he always chooses me. It is this quality which has endeared him to me, but it is also this quality that will likely prevent me from ever choosing another Pom when Chad passes.

Although Chad behaves well around my children, he does not tolerate other children. I usually have to keep him crated when we have our extended family or friends over if they bring their children because Chad will snap and growl at the other kids. This is a huge hardship for my family and me and it is definitely Chad’s biggest personality flaw.

Beyond behavior, Chad’s health is excellent. He is very physical and has never had any joint or knee problems that can be common with Poms and other small breeds. He is able to keep up with me on difficult trail hikes for many miles.

I would suggest a Pom for an adult who wants companionship and also wants a small dog that is hardy enough to tolerate walking and hiking. Very small Poms do not handle exercise as well, so people must do their homework in regards to the breeder they choose and possible inbred health problems.

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