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abbyywatsonn- pointer/labrador retreiver mix


United States

Posted April 4, 2015

Murphy is a fantastic dog in my household! He is such a family dog and is involved in our everyday lives. He was easy to potty train and learned tricks (such as sitting, high-fiving, rolling over, and shaking hands) very quickly and is a very obedient dog when given orders. Due to his previous background with a family that abused him, he was a very nervous and high strung dog for the first year that we had him. It took him a while to learn to trust us, but he learned to warm up to us tremendously over the years and behaves perfectly around us. He is a very healthy dog and only needs to be taken to a clinic when he needs shots and for regular check-ups. Because he is a black dog, it seems like he does not shed, but really his fur just blends in with much of our furniture and flooring around the house. He does shed a moderate amount. He has become a great guard and watch dog and protects our family, yet he has never posed a threat to any children or other dogs.

One of my favorite things about my pointer/lab mix is how athletic and active he is. I have taken my dog for six mile runs, yet he continues to pull on the run the whole way and never slows his pace. He is a very active and energetic dog and requires two walks per day, as well as playing in the backyard with his toys.

I really do not have any complaints about my dog, other than the moderate amount of shedding, which is expected with any dog. He is a loving family dog, protective, active, and fits in well with our family!

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