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Goofy Goofball Jobi


United States

Posted August 17, 2013

Jobi was one of the first dogs I remember having in my home. He was a Pekingese mix and he was a close friend to me growing up. He was my grandma's favorite dog. He'd lay in her lap or up on the edge of her bed, though she wasn't fond of the latter. He was very patient with me as I was only a five year old girl at the time my memories with him started, but he was around when I was a baby too. My mother told me about how, as a baby I was fascinated by the way his hair curled and would spend hours pulling at it and giggling when it sprung back into place. He'd often lay there or roll over to lick at my face in hopes of distracting my grubby little hands. He wasn't fond of men. Often times he'd growl at my Uncles that would come over and we would have to place him in my bedroom till they left. He was a quiet and calm little guy.

LOVED popcorn. When I would watch movies, he'd sit beside me and we would share my popcorn. I'd take a handful and put it in front of him, and we would eat each piece one by one. Grandma said he started doing that with me when I was able to eat popcorn. It was how they discovered he liked it so much. I would toss pieces off my high chair as a baby and he'd snatch them up to make me giggle. He loved playing fetch, loved running around the back yard, loved watching movies with me and cuddling up for naps in my little indoor cloth playhouse that I had. My grandmother would come home from work and look around for us. Often times she found us asleep in the play house. He'd look up at her like "Quiet, the kid is sleeping." and would only wake me up for dinner.

I can't remember when he passed but I remember how sad I was when he was gone. There are still times I miss him and look back at the family pictures with him in them, wishing he was here now. I don't know much on how he was trained or if he was good with all children, but I remember he was good with me, always went potty outside, loved popcorn, and loved to play games. If a family was looking for a Pekingese mix and could find one like him, I think they would be very lucky and happy.

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