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Red Barron - The Greatest Dog I've Ever Known


United States

Posted February 1, 2014

Red Barron is a Papillon Pomeranian mix that I was fortunate enough to welcome into my life in 2005. Born December 13th, 2004, Barron has changed my life forever.
Papillon Pomeranian's are a small breed of dog, (Bear only weighs about 8lbs) but when you find one that will love you with as much compassion as Red Barron loves me, they will prove to be the greatest of defenders.
Through out his 9 years Barron has protected me on numerous occasions. The first instance was when an "eccentric" friend came to my house in a very loud and obnoxious manner. She was with me in the same room as Barron and I get the feeling that she had annoyed Bear just as much as she annoyed my entire family. When she got in his face, he nipped at her and pulled out eyelashes. Many would think that this behavior is unacceptable... And we did at first. But there's something about Barron's judgement that has never been wrong. This friend turned out to be very judgmental, and our friendship didn't last very long at all.
Twice, Barron has raised a red flag by growling or staring down guys that have been at my house. As time would tell, neither guys Barron "disapproved" of turned out to be good guys. Barron does have several people that hes greeted with kisses upon first meeting them, and those people have been good people that are still in my life today. (So while he may be possessive of his Mommy, Barron does tolerate the good people)
Another fun quirk to this breed is the fact that they are small enough to wear clothing! Barron is a huge fan of clothing, and I'm sure if raised to be used to wearing clothing, any papillon pomeranian will be equally enthusiastic when it comes to clothing.

I trust this little angel with my life, and can honestly say I love him more than life itself. He is my world! He's loyal, caring, a mini-defender, loves clothing and has become like my shadow.

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