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Norwegian Elkhounds are Smarter than You.


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Posted June 28, 2014

We got a big ball of gray and tan fluff named Luke. He was adorable and gassy and stubborn. When he was 6 months old he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. The breeder was contacted and they were willing to send us another dog. We were sure they would put Luke down and refused to send him back. So they sent us Jax and we ended up being the proud owners of 2 Norwegiens.

Luke was friendly and good with kids but he was stubborn. He wouldn't listen unless he felt like it. He was great with other pets. Liked the parrot and the guinea pigs and his best friend Jax. He barked when people walked by but he wasn't aggressive at all. Jax on the other hand hated kids, could not be trusted near other pets and listened like a champ, he also was too fat and lazy to bark. If we had smooshed them together they would have been the perfect dog. But they were still awesome dogs.

The real issue comes with their intelligence. They are clever which makes them tricky fellows. Luke could open trash cans. He could remove collars, open doors and steal the meat right out of your sandwich while you were eating. And whatever Luke learned, Jax learned. We would sit and watch the dogs figure things out and realized early on that they were definitely smarter than us. They learn tricks easily but then use those tricks to twist you around their paws.

Health-wise Luke was in great shape. He was trim. He could do anything a dog without hip issues could do except roll onto his back. He had heart issues towards the end that eventually killed him but he only needed some light grooming in the summer. He was a big shedder, all double coated dogs are. Jax had cysts which the breed are famous for and had to have 2 surgeries to remove them. Both lived to about 13 years old and were wonderful animals. If it weren't for the tendency towards cysts (which were gross, smelly and looked painful,) I would have gone right out and gotten two more of these guys. I would not recommend the breed for an inexperienced dog owner because of their stubbornness.

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