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Posted March 28, 2015

Our miniature Schnauzer is not just a dog in our family, she has become a part of our family. Whenever we talk about family vacations or taking trips one of our first thoughts is for Morgan, our Schnauzer. We've had her for 14 years and she has become a member of the family, more than just a pet.

Our Schnauzer is incredibly loyal and loving. She will fight to protect any member of our family; she doesn't even like it when family members horse around. Whenever anyone is sick she never leaves their side till they are well. I'm not sure if this is a Schnauzer trait or not.

Our Schnauzer is very loving, she is very affectionate and has a distinctive personality. She seems to try to talk by looking deep into your eyes, a very searching gaze. She also uses paw movements to show caring or comfort.

Some of the less likable traits of Schnauzers is that they have a very piercing bark. It's almost like a scream. Our Schnauzer is very much a barker at any and everything and is hard to quiet once she begins barking. If she becomes agitated and begins barking uncontrollably it is almost impossible to stop her; even picking her up doesn't seem to gain her attention. Because her bark is so high pitched every bark collar we have tried in the past has been unsuccessful. The bark/shock collars are tuned into a lower frequency which doesn't pick up her tone.

Because Schnauzers are in the terrier family our dog is a runner. We have never been able to train her to be outside without a leash. She has run away in our neighborhood several times when a gate was accidentally left open and we have had to chase her down. When she is out running she seems to lose focus with us so that any commands that she usually obeys, such as "come" fall on deaf ears.

Aside from the running and barking issues where she seems to lose control we have found obedience training to be very effective with her. She is highly intelligent and has a natural willingness to please her family. We successfully house trained her by getting her accustomed to regular times of being taken outside. She has learned simple commands, sit, stay, come.....quite easily.

To wrap up, we are very happy with our Schnauzer. She is loud and a runner, but she is loyal to the bone and a great comfort to the family. We love our Morgan and can't imagine a life without her. If all Schnauzers are as loyal and loving as ours is, you couldn't do better than to add a Schnauzer to your family.

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