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Toby the Tyrant



Posted October 13, 2014

I went to stay with a life-long friend earlier this year in another province. She had 2 dogs, one of which was a purebred Dachshund. My friend got this animal when it had reached adulthood from someone who was moving and their new apartment would not permit animals. That person had gotten the dog from a rescue shelter that had seized the animal due to malnutrition. As this is my friend's favorite breed, she jumped at the chance.

Toby arrived with behavioral issues typical to this breed, as well as a few others caused by adequate training and the pet's previous history. This dog is a true lap dog and would jump up on the couch and climb into anyone's lap for a pet and a snooze. He was affectionate with older children and adults, but had to be watched around smaller children. This dog attacked my cats on several occasions and no amount of training over the 3 months I was there deterred him.

Toby had serious food issues due to previous poor treatment. He would inhale his food, so strict measuring of food had to be used to prevent weight gain. As these dogs are prone to problems surrounding being overweight, strict maintenance of his diet was required. Toby would snarl, growl, bark, and attempt to bite anyone going near his food. My friend had been working with him for 6 months to eliminate the behavior, but he was very resistant to change.

These dogs make fabulous alarm systems, so good, in fact, that you were made aware of every person nearby, every squirrel, every passing dog, and every leaf. If dogs passed by the fenced yard, Toby would charge at the fence and attempt to attack them through it.

I would not recommend this dog to anyone with small children or small animals without obedience training. High-quality pet food is needed to ensure optimal health. Minimal brushing is required although the dog tends to be pretty smelly rather quickly, so frequent baths are necessary.

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