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My Dachshund Pack


United States

Posted July 6, 2014

If you had told me that in 10 years I'd be living in my house with a PACK of dachshunds, I would've called you crazy. However, here I am, living with a pack of noisy, anxious, careless tiny dogs... and I love every second of it. I first got Frankie 12 years ago from an amateur breeder down the street. I immediately fell in love. He was scrappy, loud and had just as much anxiety as I did. He was also loving, affectionate and seemed to be able to read my mind. About 2 years later, we got Molly, a long-haired mini dachshund female. Frankie and Molly immediately hit it off and after a short while, Molly got pregnant. Molly was only a year and a half old, so we were concerned for her safety. When the time came, the first pup died immediately after being born. The other two were born healthy and strong. Sadly though, Molly died of internal bleeding the day after she gave birth. We were heartbroken. The silver lining, however was that she left us two beautiful male pups that we named Eddie and Sonny. Frankie seemed to take to his paternal role quite well and the three of them got along wonderfully. As they got older though, they seemed to become more and more bold and aggressive. They would get in fights over food or spots on the couch. They started peeing on EVERYTHING, despite the countless hours of training. They seemed to feed of each other. I was at my wit's end, until a dog trainer told me that all I had to do was to break the "pack mentality" and everything else would fall in line. So after only 5 sessions with this wonderful trainer, the peeing stopped, as well as the fights. Since then, I've been the owner of three well-behaved little hounds. They love burrowing under blankets and chewing on bottle caps without a care in the world. As their anxiety and stress went down, so did mine. And the rest is history.

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