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Weezy the Maltese-y


Massachusetts, United States

Posted December 4, 2012

I've had black labs all my life, but for Christmas four years ago I purchased a Maltese from the local pet store. When I first went to the store, I picked her out, played with her, and put a down payment, but couldn't take her home for a few days. Upon returning to the store, I almost changed my mind and got a long-haired Dachshund instead, but I'm so glad I didn't (though I still want one!). I named my new puppy Weezy, and at first, she was a handful. She pooped all over my room and house and she wouldn't listen at all, but she was still just a baby. So after a little more training and growing up, she quickly learned where and where not to use the bathroom, and it hardly took an effort on my part.

Weezy is the most adorable dog I've ever seen. She's completely white with a little black nose and big dark eyes so her face looks like a bowling ball when you look straight at it. She's soft and cuddly and spunky. But she's got a very distinctive personality. She doesn't like strangers and will run away from strange men in an instant, but she acts like a Great Dane around every dog she meets. She eats like a little piggy, so we used to have to keep our Black Lab's food off the ground when he wasn't eating or she'd swallow it all. She's also big for her breed, but it's mainly because she's barrel-chested. She's just a big boned puppy with big puppy booty, and it's the cutest thing. She also grunts and snorts and wheezes and burps, which are all pretty disgusting, but in a cute puppy way.

I recommend a Maltese to anyone looking for a small house dog, but they definitely need a lot of love and attention. They can be princesses at times, but when it comes down to it, they're just energetic, adorable dogs who love rolling around in dirt just as much as being petted in your lap.

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