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Thoroughly Modern Millie


United States

Posted April 20, 2016

Millie is a purebred Maltese. When I got her she was 8 weeks old and weight only 1 pound 15 ounces. I wanted another small dog. I did a little research and knew I would have to do grooming but she didn’t have a double coat so it’s much easier than when I had my Pomeranian. She has always been independent in the fact that she likes to sleep on the bed but not ON me. Very loving and friendly. In doing the research I did learn that they are generally a very healthy breed. And so it is with Millie. Very healthy and has no health issues. The only negative I have with her is her teeth. Unless you are willing to brush their teeth every few days, they will have dental problems. Potty training was a little more challenging in the fact that she got used to going potty on the potty pad in the crate. It did take quite a while, but after all these years (9) she goes out the big dog door (I also have a large black lab) and goes potty outside. She is very smart. She has a little stuffed toy that she takes everywhere with her. Oddly enough it’s the only toy she plays with and it belonged to my Pomeranian. He played with it for years before her. I don’t know what it is about that toy, but it’s the one dragged everywhere. She’s only 4 pounds 8 ounces so it’s an issue for me to have her around small children. Accidents happen and I just don’t want her to get hurt. I just don’t allow small children to pick her up. So … if you’re thinking of a Maltese as an addition to your family, there are only a few things I would consider … grooming, small children, and if you have the time to love them.

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