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Leo, my trusty Maltese


United States

Posted March 24, 2016

I cannot imagine a more perfect companion for me than my Maltese. I am an editor and entrepreneur and so I do a lot of work from home in my cozy little LA apartment. My Maltese has the most adaptable temperament and is wildly excited to be a part of whatever I am doing or not doing as long as he feels involved. He loves his little spots around the house, but will always find a way back into my lap where he will stay happily until he is hungry or needs a walk. He is incredibly energetic when the time calls for play, but might be too curious about the world for me to ever feel comfortable walking him without a leash.

Issues do arise if he is left alone for any extended period of time. He has been crate trained, but I would never leave him alone in his crate for longer than an hour. If he is left uncrated for even as long as 15 minutes, an impressive level of anxiety will fill that little fluff ball and an unstoppable barking fit will commence. He will stay calm in his crate for a longer period of time, but is clearly not happy with me if I am gone for too long. I pretty much take him everywhere. The Maltese are so friendly and fluffy, that nobody ever complains about him being around. He looks like a stuffed animal has come to life! I take advantage of this.

As adorable and fun as the Maltese are, I would definitely not recommend getting a Maltese if you are not able to be with your pet for the majority of the time. If you will need to leave your Maltese at home alone every day, your pet will be terribly unhappy and so will your neighbors. My Maltese is calm and cool all of the time, as long as someone is around.

The Maltese have a beautiful coat of extra fine hair that is soft and cuddly to the touch. This also means that some extra care and maintenance is required to prevent hair from getting matted. Personally, I enjoy maintaining my little guy’s hair and will never get tired of how impossibly soft his coat is.

It just amazes me how much personality is packed into my little fluff ball. He cracks me up every day and makes his own happiness known. If you spend the majority of your time close to home and want a trusty little companion that will make you smile every day, go introduce yourself to a Maltese and see if you connect the way I have.

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