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Posted March 16, 2016

Lara isn't a Maltese I own, actually, it is a friends' dog. But because I am so close with them and her and spend so much time with her I consider this dog as mine. Besides the friendship relations, I am also her veterinary doctor, and because of her common health troubles I have to pay frequent visits to her home.

This type of dog is really dear and enjoys spending time with people. Actually, she prefers hanging out with people and doesn't enjoy other dogs' presence that much. Lara doesn't bark a lot, has a good behavior and hygiene habits.

Most of the problems appear are regarding her health. Be it ear infections of flues, Lara always has them. It's hard to keep her healthy for a longer period of time and doesn't really improve her immunity.

Because of her long, beautiful curly hair, we often experiment with different hairstyles and make her a true fashion blogger. And Lara likes it. I haven't seen a dog so enthusiastic about going to the dog hairstylist or trimmer as her.

Because she is small, the maintenance aspect is minor and doesn't require a lot of work. She is really connected with every member of the family and enjoys watching TV, eating on the table with the family members and any other thing the family members might do.

She is easily scared, but obedient. I know this because of the frequent injection therapies I put her on. Even thought Lara doesn't like it, she kind of thinks it is good for her and lets you improve her health. I recommend Maltese to every person that wants an easy maintaining dog, you won't regret it!

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