Peanut and Squirt


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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Male

Training: Books

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Overall Great Small Dogs!


Ohio, United States

Posted August 29, 2015

I have two Maltese, Peanut and Squirt. They are like day and night! Peanut loves people and happily greets anyone at the door. Squirt on the other hand is a very timid dog; he bites anyone who moves to quick and doesn't trust many people. We believe the breeder we got him from was possibly abusive. Squirt also seems to act on his instincts. For example, I used to own gerbils and rats and if they got loose, Squirt would kill them in an instant. I later read that Maltese are rodent hunters. Peanut does not care for rodents and is kind to all animals. They both get along with other dogs extremely well though. If you have other dogs, I believe bringing a Maltese in would be okay or vice versa! I have two other dogs (a Chihuahua, and a Chihuahua-Beagle) and when we brought them home, Peanut and Squirt were weary of them at first but they all get along great now. Even Squirt, who is fairly territorial. Peanut is wonderful with children but Squirt doesn't do well with them. It's all how you raise your Maltese. ANY dog that had been taken care of poorly and/or abused is much more difficult to socialize. Squirt is an extremely healthy dog for being 8 years old; Peanut on the other hand has diabetes, is blind, and may have Cushings Syndrome. He is also the lazier of the two and eats more as well as sleeps more. Watch what your Maltese eats and how much exercise he gets because this could happen. Frequent grooming is also a must as their hair can get knotted and dirty easily! Overall these are good small dogs and are smart but it takes time and effort to train a dog but is extremely rewarding!

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