Lhasa Apso

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: No training

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Brandon, Florida, United States

Posted January 10, 2019

Our family has always loved big dogs and never thought we'd have a small dog as part of the family. But then Buddy came along and we fell in love.

He was very different from our other dogs, they were high energy and required training but Buddy never really needed anything aside from the basics. Sit, lay down, go outside, be quiet. That's really all he knows and all he's needed. He's extremely chill, likes walks but not for long, and he has no desire to walk fast either. While he does love to play and can run around playing for hours, he's just never been interested in any other type of activity. His favorite spot is a little bench in front of the window so he can sunbathe as he naps.

He is, however, extremelyyyy social. He loves to be near all of us and especially loves to be near other animals. We've never worried about him not getting along with anyone. He's also never really been much of a barker which is extremely convenient. We prefer to keep his hair a bit longer, so we get him groomed around once a week. He stays feeling clean and we get the joys of a dog who doesn't shed, which after having two labs is quite refreshing.

We're still big dog people, but we'd be lying if we said he wasn't an absolute joy. While we may not have expected to have a dog like him as part of the family, we're sure glad to have him.

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