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Florida, United States

Posted May 26, 2013

I spent three months raising and playing with two extremely adorable chocolate labs. Luna and Harley were the most precious and upbeat dogs I had ever met. They had unlimited energy, tons of love to give, and the worst puppy breath I had ever encountered.

The only con to having these labs was their high amount of energy. That could quickly get old when you're trying to relax. Other than that small issue, they were one of the best breeds I had ever had the pleasure of being with. I had stayed with my father for a few months, and he had just purchased both Harley and Luna.

We had trained them to go into their crate when we needed them to be. They would watch over the horses while we cared for them, spooking them at times. Although sometimes annoying, they would let you know when they wanted to go outside; this was very helpful when they needed to use the restroom.

The grooming involved with this breed is so simple, thanks to their short hair. I don't recall these two animals ever shedding.

At the time, the children in the house were ranged from two to ten years old. These kids adored the puppies as much as the puppies adored them. They would jump up to see the children when the bus stopped in front of the house, and show them how much they missed them. It was such a blast raising those puppies. To this day, they are still showing those kids a wonderful time, keeping them safe, and watching them grow up.

I would recommend this breed to anybody.

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