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Belle, The Beautiful Black Lab


United States

Posted May 8, 2013

Belle was a Mother's Day present too me from my daughter and future son-in-law, she was 12 weeks old as shown on the picture and spent two days in my daughters college dorm, thus we always said she was college smart.
My daughter named her Belle, it means beauty in french, she was a beauty but a mischief, what a long summer that was with her, she was pure puppy, she use to lay right up against anyone and put her head on your shoes, you thought she was sleeping, wrong, she was busy chewing off your shoe laces, I spent the whole summer yelling at everyone to take your shoes off and hide them and buying new laces. When she was a year old we decided obedience school might be a good idea, bad idea, as much as I hate to admit this we got expelled, well actually we were taken out of the class and had one on one training, she was a major distraction in the class, all she wanted to do was play and she pestered all the other dogs.
Her whole very short life was play, play, play, we taught her to catch anything and when she did we would throw up our hands and yell "touchdown" and then she would wiggle all over the place like she was dancing in the end zone.
One of her greatest desires was to be a lap dog and she thought she was, she would get as much of her body on top of you as was possible.
She very seldom barked and when she did she would startle you and you just looked at her, it was so funny.
Now she was a very big wimp, trust me here she was no watch dog, the man of the house always said if the house ever got broken into and we were home, he would be first in line, then me and Belle peeking out behind me and her greatest fear was of all things a 'fly', goodness they freaked her out, if she was outside and one flew by, she quick had to get in the house and it was just awful when one actually got in the house, she was a mess, afraid to move and running from room to room but boy she was so much fun.
She loved her daily walks and you had to watch where you walked with her, she thought everyone people and dogs much bigger then her were all her friends, she actually would wimper when some one would walk right past her and either not talk to her or at least pet her.
She was our love, very intelligent, so loving you actually could look at her and know what she was thinking.
The summer Belle was 9 she started to limp, at first we thought she hurt her leg jumping around which she was always doing, remember she stayed a puppy all her life, but after a few days it did not go away, we took her to the vet and yes, this dog loved the vet, never afraid, had a great time in the waiting room, greeted everyone, well she was diagnosed with cancer in her leg, we were just devastated and asked the vet what we should do, she told us to let her live her life, she was put on medication and pain killers and we were told we would know when the time came.
We were truly blessed, that was in August and we had her for 9 more months and she was still her very happy puppy self, then on Monday she had a very hard time getting up, we stayed with her all day and God Bless her, somehow she managed to get up the stairs that night because she always slept with us, that morning we called the vet, we loved her too much to see her suffer and we were on the floor with her at the end, she very peacefully just went to sleep.
And our lives have been empty ever since.

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