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Cocoa - A Girl's Best Friend


Minnesota, United States

Posted November 28, 2012

When I was a teen my parents got a female Chocolate Labrador puppy. We named her Cocoa.
She was always a very friendly dog, very playful and happy from the very beginning. Coca must have been the most patient dog I have ever known.
I left home and had a daughter of my own, Anna. Anna often visited my parents. During these visits my daughter would spend hours playing with Cocoa. They were just best buds, I swear.
Cocoa would sit quietly for hours as Anna painted sidewalk chalk on her, decorated her with wild flowers, just generally harassed her and made Cocoa “pretty”. They would roam the grandparents’ large yard and climb through the wood pile and barn. Cocoa never barked or nipped at Anna, even when my daughter was a little too rough. Cocoa was just that enduring. She was really great with kids.
Maybe Cocoa was not the brightest dog, not stupid per se - just not super smart either. But she was very loyal and loving.
Unfortunately, she did have a great deal of health troubles as she got older. Cocoa suffered several times from the “bloat” or a twisted stomach. It was obviously very painful and made Coca very ill. After some expensive Vet bills, the bloat issue did eventually lead to my parents putting her down.
Overall: I am left with the impression that Labradors are some of the happiest kindest dogs out there. They’re a real companion dog and good with kids. Just check on health issues like bloat.

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