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George the (gentle) giant


Kent, United Kingdom

Posted July 21, 2015

George was given to us by a family that he had outgrown. Physically George is the biggest Labrador I have ever seen (probably a cross but we never knew with what). He was over excited and having usually been in a town was very excited by grass and the freedom we were able to give him. Seeing him jump you could understand how he would never fit into a 3 bed semi. He could hold a tennis ball in his mouth. And shut it. Once he was used to regular exercise he definitely calmed down. He loves people and is calm, sweet and generous. With other dogs he allows any of them to be top dog because he could but not today, I can't be bothered with the responsibility. George was well known for being a hoover. He would sidle up to the table, looking one way, the super long tongue would unroll he other way and sweep whatever goodies he could reach into his cavernous mouth. He is a big dog. He can reach a lot of food. Then there was the day that we walked passed the bright pink chewing gum. Then there was no chewing gum on the pavement. A guilty looking George and an inspection aka pot holing showed no gum. On we walked. Chew chew chew goes George and aha! there is the gum. Whole hand goes in, chewing gum comes out. Only downside of the gorgeous George is that he is so huge you need a wet room to wash him in.

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