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Black Labs: Great Famliy Pet


United States

Posted June 3, 2015

My family got a black lab puppy named Jac after having several unsuccessful attempts at rescuing shelter dogs. We had trouble with our previous dogs interacting with children, and had to give several away to more suitable homes. When we finally settled on our black lab, our search for a good family pet was over. Jac was just a puppy when we got him, and he was easy to train and housebreak. We were able to train him to use a certain area of the yard to go to the bathroom, and to stay out of rooms in the house where he doesn't belong, Even today at fourteen years old, he can be trained not to behave in certain ways.
I can't remember a single incident where Jac was aggressive towards kids, other pets, or even strangers at the door (he usually barks until they come inside, at which point he greats them enthusiastically). As a younger dog he had tons of energy and often needed to be walked or let out into the yard to play, but he was always even tempered.
As he's gotten older, Jac has calmed down considerably and he is now far more mellow than he was a puppy. In his old age he suffers from arthritis, which is something to consider before getting a lab, since he requires medication for it. Additionally, black labs tend to shed a lot, especially during the summer time.
Overall, I would recommend a black lab (or any colored lab!) to potential pet owners with a large back yard. Labs are good with children and take direction as long as owners take the time to set the ground rules and instill proper training in the dog early on. Jac has definitely been a great addition to the family!

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