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Posted May 20, 2015

What can be said about Labradors that hasn't been already said. I've had two yellow labs and one black lab, so you can say that I'm kinda in love with them. They're wonderful family dogs, great with children, and the ultimate "man's best friend" companion. But, like all other animals, they're not perfect. My yellow lab puppy (about 14 months now) is FULL OF ENERGY. I don't know how he gets it too! Labradors are notorious for being energetic and a handful as young dogs and puppies. I kept hearing from other owners that they'd calm down "in a couple years" but my apartment can't wait that long! They're very loyal and sweet, I've never had a problem with a purebred Lab being a mean dog (I did have a Lab/Dalmation mix and he was pretty aggressive). Also, take into consideration that they are large. My yellow labrador puppy was weighed by our vet at 98 pounds at 14 months! That may be a fluke because Gunner was the largest lab I've ever seen/had, but just a heads up.

You definitely need to invest a lot of time in your Labrador. They need attention and exercise, and plenty of toys. Let them play outside, and I love taking my lab to the park to run around and play in the creeks and brooks at my favorite park.

Once they get older, you're going to fall in love with labs again. They're sweet, lounging dogs when they grow to about 5 years. They calm down and are pretty obedient, depending on how and when you trained them. BUT they have health problems. Arthritis in their back and hind legs are very common. They also have a tendency to get kinda fat, so you'll need to give them a senior diet when appropriate. Make sure you're bringing them to the vet at least once a year and keeping up with their heartworm pills and flea killers. Again, depending on where you live and how often you take them outside in grassy/woody areas, they are susceptible to both of these.

If you want one of the best dogs and have the time, energy, and resources to get one, I highly recommend it! Good luck, you'll need it but it pays off!

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