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A Dog Who Loves to Spin Around


Illinois, United States

Posted September 23, 2014

While some dogs are adamant about chasing their tails, Mack was different. He spun, not to chase his tail, but to convey his excitement for his meal. It was the same routine each day. I would feed him in the late afternoon. As I prepared his food, he would begin to spin. He also spun around when he wanted to alert you that he wanted to go outside.

We got Mack after answering a newspaper ad regarding puppies for sale. At first, Mack was shy. A few days after he arrived to our house, he came out of his shell. He enjoyed exploring both the indoors and outdoors. As a puppy he grew with up with our older dog. He was socialized around other dogs from an early age, and he is very friendly with dogs of all sizes.

He obtained basic commands like sit, stay, and down. He also knows which people in the family he could be more playful with, and is cautious around our grandma.

The one negative about him is his high energy. Labrador retrievers generally are very energetic dogs that require an owner to keep up with them. In our case, we would play games with him in the yard. However, taking Mack for walks was always a team effort. He would tug, chase squirrels, thrash when other dogs barked at him, and one time he managed to remove his harness and leash.

Owning Mack has been a great experience, and the challenges have always been welcomed in our home.

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