Labrador Retriever / Whippet Mix

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Bailey the hyper-active


Rincon, Georgia, United States

Posted May 30, 2009

OK, Bailey is a black lab mix and we have come to the clusion that he is mixed with a whippet. He has a greyhound body but the head and color of a black lab. Although the greyhound would be too big therefore a whippet it must be. He is a great family dog and is primarly one of my son's. He was a little hard to train and kind of on the dumb side. It would take him learning something about two or three times as long as my other dogs. He is very sweet and very lovable but just dumb. I love him to death and would get another so don't get me wrong. He is very fast though. He chases our cats and he catches them just about every time. He does not hurt them as it is just the chase that lures him. Labs are know for being the gentle breed as he displays quite often. His ability to run fast comes from the whippet which is built for speed. They have a large chest cavity and very small waist area. I would recommend this dog but do take care to know it may take about 2 years to start to calm down. Bailey was very hyper active for the first 2 years and now at 2-1/2 has turned out to be a really great dog. I would recommend a lab-mix breed but just be patient if the learning thing does not come right away. Just have patience. It will be worth it in the long run.

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