Labrador Retriever / Mastiff Mix

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Fluffy, a rare breed


08440, Spain

Posted August 23, 2015

Fluffy is very special. She is a mix of a mastiff and I think a labrador. We took her in with her sister and we both love them dearly. It's funny though because the two sisters look completely different, and that's what makes each one so special. Fluffy is a very laid back and very gentle dog. Even though when she gets excited she might jump on you, she loves snuggling and being patted on the head. Many times she has to deal with her annoying sister who can be a bit dominating, but Fluffy is very calm and ignores her. The most outstanding thing about her is her appearance, she has very clear eyes and has a light grey fur. She is the least active of all our dogs and would rather sleep in the sun than go for a run on the bikes, but that makes it perfect for little children and small animals. She is the one who gets along best with my cat, and both of them spend hours playing together. She isn't the most obedient dog ever but after insistent calling she will eventually come. She has longish and thick hair which means it is important to groom her. She is a great addition to our pack and is also a great watch dog. I wish more people would find this breed to see what amazing dogs they are.

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