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Posted February 12, 2014

The newest addictions to the family circus has been our two Labrador/Border Collie dogs called Candy and Coco, who as their names might suggest are just that....sweet. On looking for more in the way of working dogs and the abundance of Collies here in Midland Ireland, we tried to steer away from the dime a dozen sheep dog. Being small to medium sized, they have a playful nature and a bit nippy around children so beware. It's more of a nip than a bite which is good for animals, not so much your little darlings.

As far as working dogs go it would not be the farmers ideal first choice, but given the right on the job training with the sheep, allow them to get familiar with their subjects along with their surroundings. They have taken to their tasks in double quick time, seemingly never away from where the sheep are kept at any point. They are also incredibly efficient at keeping the chickens in check, not allowing them to stray to the boundary fences where danger almost certainly lurks, thanks to the mink and fox populations.

These dogs are very keen on spending their time outside which is great for their thick coats, not that they had much of a choice after the amount of shoes and kitchen cupboards they ate through as puppies. Playful, obedient for the most part, but they do need some correction when coming face to face with a new animal on the farm. They like most other dogs I've had since I was a youngster, love your company and are loyal beyond belief. They also let you know when your nosy neighbors are slinking round corners to stem their curiosity as to what the mad Irishman next door is building now.

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