Labrador Retriever / Beagle Mix

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Life with a Lab x Beagle


New South Wales, Australia

Posted April 25, 2010

This is a lovely mix of breeds.  The Beagle temprement is very strong, but the Lab side does add some balance.  She is a medium to large build (the size of a small Lab), has long solid body with stout legs.  Physically very strong. 
She has a very strong nose and double the love of food, which is a plus for training.  I would not reccommend getting any dog from a pet shop, as the lack of socialisation and life experience has been a major hurdle to overcome, being challanging and very time consuming.  As I was aware of this when I removed her form the pet shop environment it was no suprise the amount of training that was needed.  If this breed was bought home from an appropriate age 8-10 weeks alot of issues could be avoided.  Generally she is great with kids, but can get over excited so supervision is a must. She must get at least 1 hour of exercise a day, as well as play time twice a day(hide and seek,tug & chasing, note games must have rules), and all food is given using interactive toys to encourage the use of the strong Beagle attributes.  She can tend to get bloat so food and water must not be given after exercise and must be portioned into 2 small meals a day.
Puppy training and Adult dog training classes are reccommended.  She also enjoyed basic agility training.  The love of water is strong so any water activities are a plus. It is important to teach 'Leave It', as her nose is strong any will eat any thing found on the ground, also a strong recall is a must so off lead runs are possible (this requires more training than other simple behaviours like sit & down.)
This particular dog is very sensitive and does not respond to harsh commands.  I have only used positive methods of training, but the odd occasion when I have raised my voice it only made this worse.  She can tend to attention bark (as a puppy) so it is extremly important to ignore these attempts so not to create a dog that barks every time they want something.  Beagles do bark so this must be considered as the Beagle temprement is strong.  It is important to learn what each bark means as often the barking is to let you know what is happening (ie a toy has rolled under the bed, can I have this item, I am having fun playing).  When you learn what each vocalisation means, you begin to understand that your dog just wants to communicate with you, this is very Beagle.  She does not bark when I am not at home.  Barking will increase if exercise is not consistent and min. of an hour a day.
She does require regular grooming as her coat is thick like a Labs, and her ears do require attention.  As her skin is pink she also suffers from mild grass allergies.  This is keep under control by deit and washing with medicated shampoo.
Overall, this is a dog for someone with time and patience but in return ther will be lots of laughs, love and fun.  A great breed for energetic persons with a gentle hand and not at work all day.  This breed needs plently of physical and mental stimulation, a doggy sport would be ideal..

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