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Posted November 26, 2013

Mercury is a black lab mix with what we believe to be an American Pit Bull Terrier that we adopted from a local rescue. My dog had passed recently and we began searching for another dog so we and our Shepherd mix would have a new friend. As a result, we decided to head over to the local pet rescue and browse the kennels. I was looking for a purebred Labrador but, instead, found this lab mix. She was tiny and she had a sister in the same kennel with her so we asked to see both separately so we could decide who would become a new family pet. After some time, Mercury won us over and we took her home!

The lab/ pit bull mix that we have is a great dog! She is a very sweet, loving, and loyal dog whose sole purpose, it seems, is to make us happy (she does drive us crazy at times though). She weighs only about 40-45 pounds full grown but she eats like she's a much bigger dog! As a result, it's important to make sure she only gets enough food to maintain her weight and not to offer her too many higher calorie treats/snacks.

As I said before, she loves to make us happy. Because of this she is incredibly easy to train. She is very intelligent for a dog in that she learns commands quickly and will continue to perform even if she is not being rewarded. She is very hyper though, which makes her attention span relatively short as she always wants to play.

This mixed breed is very social with cats, dogs, and people. Because of how hyper Mercury is, though, we do not believe that she is a great dog for families with infants or toddlers as she can be a little rough although she has never bitten any person or animal. She loves laying at the sliding glass door and poking her head through the blinds to see other animals and their owners walking outside. Mercury is a very vocal dog, always barking at anything and everything (noises, people, animals, shadows, etc) which has become our biggest gripe, however, we are working on this issue with her. We attribute this behavior to living in an apartment where she cannot burn off all her energy.

Everything else about this mixed breed is purely positive. Mercury always follows us around the apartment and feels very left out when she can't come with us when we leave. When we come home she is the first one to greet us with a quickly wagging tail and some dog kisses. When we hang out on the couch and put our feet up she loves to come over and lay under our legs. When she is on the leash going for a walk, she is very alert and protective. She is very healthy and she loves to play. She has a strong jaw and loves to chew, so the toys she has must all be tough. She loves swimming on the beach as well. So far our only complaint with her is that she barks too much. Owning this dog is truly a pleasure!

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