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Texas, United States

Posted February 4, 2013

I have never owned a Jack Russell, but I have worked with them extensively through my shelter volunteer work and my job as a kennel attendant. These dogs are VERY energetic and my experiences with the breed have been both good and bad.


Very energetic and playful dogs. Perfect for those with active lifestyles.
Good with children and other animals. (you may want to supervise visits with young children so the dog doesn't jump all over them).
Easy to maintain, shedding is not as bad as it is with other breeds, terrier hair is wiry and a little different from other breeds.


They are VERY energetic (notice this is both a pro and a con). If they are not given an outlet for their excessive energy, they are well known for destructive behaviors due to boredom and frustration. Because of their high energy, they also need some obedience training because they are excessive jumpers.

Although their size seems like they would be good apartment dogs, they are so active that it is best that they only go to homes with yards to run in often.

They are barkers (stemming from the energy).

They are well known for hernias (usually due to the excessive jumping and vigorous exercise).

Cryptorchidism is common to the breed. This is when one testicle does not descend and can result in a very expensive neuter cost.

Ultimately, this dog is a high energy, compact breed. I only suggest ownership for those with active lifestyles and the ability to train and exercise their dog regularly. Health problems are minor and can be reduced (hernias) if properly trained for obedience and exercise is carefully monitored. If you are looking for a lap dog couch potato partner, this is not it.

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