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New York, United States

Posted July 1, 2015

Joule was my boyfriend's dog and I came to know her when we started dating. She didn't care for me much at all, but she didn't care for anyone. We came to an amicable place eventually where, if I didn't bother her, she didn't bother me. But what counted as bothering her was very vague. When my boyfriend moved in with me, bringing her along, she bit me once when I tried to wake him up. This was the start of a trend.

She was very, very protective of the space she called home (my boyfriend's old place and later my home). Once she was comfortable with you, she never growled or barked, but if you were a stranger...you fit into one of two categories. If you were a stranger outside, she would bark her little head off until you left. Unless she managed to slip outside herself. This happened once and she bit a delivery man's ankle. If you were a stranger inside, she didn't bark, but would sit near you, a sign of her distrust instead of just ignoring your presence. Many a visitor has tried to pet her when she came to sit at their feet despite my warnings not to, and they've all had their fingers bitten. She listened to commands when she wanted to. She knew the basics, sit, stay, down, but unless it was worth her while, she might listen, she might not. Though, to be honest, that just added to her personality.

Her issues with strangers aside, she was a very affectionate, willful, high energy dog who enjoyed walks as much as playing in the backyard. My yard isn't very big, but with her short stature, she made the area stretch. She liked to dig, but never caused much destruction, though that was because she was monitored while she was at it. She was the perfect size, not too big, yet not small enough that you were afraid to play rough with her. Her personality dwarfed her size, though. Pretty perfect.

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