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Training: Books

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Virginia, United States

Posted April 13, 2015

My Jack Russell, Jessie was extremely loyal and friendly, she gave me and my family many years of love.

We got her from a pet store in New Zealand, where we lived for a few years before taking Jessie with us to Canada.

She had her tail docked, so she had a cute little stump she would wag non-stop. She had endless energy and always wanted to be involved with everything. She would bark a lot, for any noises or passersby, but she was very gentile and had a lot of patience with me and my brother. She loved to play and run and go for long walks. She would get so excited to see us if we left her alone for a while that she would pee on the floor when we got home from the excitement. She was very loving and would sleep in our beds with us.

She never needed haircuts, but she would shed white and black hair constantly all over everything, which was very annoying and that hair was impossible to clean from clothes and furniture.

She was quite intelligent and fairly easy to train using treats once we had a professional trainer teach us how to do it.

After many years her health deteriorated as she developed pancreatitis, in part due to eating treats made in China which we bought from Costco which have been linked to health problems in dogs. Towards the end she could hardly walk and spent lots of time alone in closets and generally miserable, nothing like her old self. We eventually had to put her down.

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