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Posted March 29, 2016

Let me get one thing straight right now; I love my dog. I have told my boyfriend if he does not like my dog, then he needs to find a place to live. Because my dog is not going anywhere. I got Beatty around Christmas time from a friend of mine at work when she was a brand-new puppy. She was actually abandoned with the rest of her siblings and an old field next to my friends house. There was trash and debris and empty gas cans and oil cans that were contaminating the entire area that they were in. It was despicable! She had three puppies and when I came to see them I immediately fell in love with Beatty.

When I took her home I immediately began training her. We started with puppy pads for her potty training. And we use clicking to signify when she needs to go potty outside. She is extremely smart. She loves to play catch. One of our favorite activities is playing catch from inside to outside. I open the back door and I will throw a small tennis ball to where it bounces off of the back door and into the backyard. As soon as she hears that ball bounce she takes off running into the backyard to find that ball! There has yet been a time she has not come back with that ball.

She is not very good with new people however. She is very good with me and my boyfriend and my son. But meeting new people is hard for her and I really think it is too overwhelming for her. So whenever we are expecting company she has to go in the backyard and I shut the screen door. This way she can still see the inside of the house and see that we are still here. She absolutely hates to be in the backyard when we leave the house.

She is a good guard dog but I'm afraid to say with her size she is not a good protector. She will bark if someone comes around the house. But as far as protecting it if someone gets in her 9 pounds of fury is not going to detour them from taking anything.

I have to admit if you're looking for a high energy dog that is very smart and has an attitude like none other; a Jack Russell Terrier might be the perfect fit for you.

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