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Channing, the dog who made me fall in love with dogs


United States

Posted September 2, 2015

Channing is the best companion I could ask for. He loves to spend time with me, whether it involves going on a walk together, snuggling under the blankets together or cuddling in my lap as I read. He picks up new tricks pretty fast but sometimes gets them confused. I chalk that up more to the inconsistent training I gave him rather than his own deficiencies. He is terrified of really tall men. It took him a few months to warm up to my brother and dad who are both over six feet but now they are friends.

He gets cold easily so he is constantly hanging out in the blankets. He loves car rides and hiking. He is very fit and capable of running long distances at a fast pace. He occasionally has a lot of energy in the morning and wants to play so he will paw at my stomach to get me up. If I'm too tired I can usually grab him and tuck him under the blanket with me and he will nap instead for a couple of hours with me.

He is very attached. Unless he is off playing with one of his toys he is usually in my lap or cuddled up next to me. He usually follows me whenever I'm walking around and doing things in the apartment. He cannot be left alone in the vicinity of anything he could chew up. He gets anxious when he is left alone so I have to make sure that he is left with plenty of toys, food, a treat or two and I have to clear off the floor. If left alone he will get into the garbage or my shoes.

Overall, he is the best dog I could have asked for. He is completely content just hanging out with me. He gets a lot of exercise running around the apartment. He is small enough that I don't have to worry about a leash if we want to walk to the trash or laundry room at the other side of the complex. He is not aggressive. He tends to bark at new people but then hides behind me. He sometimes play-bites but if I tell him to be nice he stops immediately.

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