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Miami, Florida, United States

Posted November 30, 2014

Since my wonderful Chihuahua/Jack Russell terrier mix "Moose" was born. I knew he was going to be a ball of energy. He was always the first to get to mothers milk and the last of 5 pups to be sold because he was the noisy one. After a week of being in a cage at a Vet hospital trying to be sold, the owner of the hospital offered me the noisy big eared cage biting puppy for free because he had a new batch of Yorkshires to be sold and he needed the cage. After a good hour or so back at my home I finally named him Moose because his ears where just to big to go unnoticed. He was 10 weeks old when he first learned the meaning of the word "no" and from that point on I gave him basic obedience training. after a quick 2 weeks he had most of the basics down pact. Sit, lay, stay, where to do his business etc.. Turns out his Chihuahua side had a bit of a barking problem. If anyone outside my house would make any noise Moose would bark uncontrollably. Which at first I liked because he was my mini alarm system, but like all things in excess it got old quick and the neighbors complained. After various attempts in training him to control his barking I had almost given up until one day a kitten showed up at my doorstep. I would have never guessed that a little black and white ball of fur would have been the solution to Moose's barking problem. Moose is now 3 years old and the cat which I named "Puss Willis" is now 2 and a half years old and I must say that moose is a pleasure to have as my pet. He is obedient, he is great with other animals, and surprisingly great with children(something not common with Chihuahuas), I keep his shedding to a minimum giving him 1000mg of fish oils(omega 3) daily with his food, and as a Veterinarian I must say that he is a very healthy and low maintenance dog. Overall I recommend people who are interested in owning a Jack Russell terrier to give them regular exercise because they are very energetic dogs, and they will tire you out before they ever tire them out. They are also excellent jumpers so that makes them quite the escape artist. As for the Chihuahua they are very defensive with there owners and tend not to like children. They also have the problem of barking at anyone or anything they hear or see near there home. With all dogs I recommend obtaining the dog as young as possible and training them from the beginning. Also if you plan on only having one dog remember that they will need attention and or a companion, if not say goodbye to you nice pair of shoes or the corner of you couch. And remember when the cats away the mice will play, so make sure you put away anything that my be dangerous to your animals when you leave them home alone.

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