Irish Wolfhound

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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted January 11, 2019

I had the pleasure of taking care of two of these wonderful dogs when I was farm sitting one year. These dogs are very large and can take up a lot of space. The two that I met were not big barkers, but they loved to be near you and loved meeting new people. The family that owned them also had seven other dogs, chickens, horses, peafowl, goats and emus. They seemed to get along with everyone and never tried to chase or attack any of the other animals. They were happy to greet you at the door, and block it so you can't get in without petting and saying hello to them. Their wiry hair was very easy to groom and keep clean and their height made it very easy to check their ears. Feeding was a breeze and no one ever stole each other's food even though there were nine dogs eating in the same room. These dogs are very happy to snuggle, and may even accidentally push you down to do so. You might need to be sure you have a large enough couch or bed as they are taller than most miniature horses. These dogs are somewhat easy to train but can be stubborn as puppies. They grow quickly and even an 8 month old can be rather large. Sometimes they use their size to their advantage. They do housebreak fairly easy though. Although they are large, I wouldn't expect them to be a guard dog. They are far too friendly to strangers. They seem pretty healthy but, due to their size, they can be prone to hip issues and other joint problems. They are easy to feed but do require more than average to keep their weight up and they need adequate shelter as they do not have a typical double coat and they can get too hot or too cold much easier than some dogs. I would definitely recommend these dogs to anyone looking for a large, fairly simple dog, but not one who is inexperienced.

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