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Posted February 24, 2015

This dog is perfect. His flaws are what make him perfect, I would have to say. He loves to attack his back right paw, he loves to back when he hears the slightest of noises, and most of all he really loves to be under a blanket. No, I'm not kidding. He actually woke me up once so I could pick the blanket up for him to get under. He loves to cuddle. Now, I have him and I live in a small apartment, and he doesn't seem to mind too much, provided we take slightly longer walks than a normal dog and owner.

If you're looking to get a Dane, keep in mind they require A LOT of attention and have a lot of needs. You'll need to feed them quality dog food (that store brand isn't going to do it, look for something with glucosamine in it, it helps their joints), I use Diamond Large Breed because it already has glucosamine, although I know people who have gone the extra mile and given them a pill with some sort of meat or peanut butter. Anyway, in order to keep some strain off their joints, I also have an elevated feeder for my dog, in order to avoid him eating while laying down.

In addition to his medical needs, keep his social needs in mind. Zeus is the biggest attention hog I have ever seen. (He once squeezed between my dad and his dog in order to get that attention he was missing.) I, honestly, don't think Zeus would be good with another dog because he requires so much love and attention. I've noticed, he doesn't really know his size either, he's knocked a few small children down before, however, I think if he were around a child consistently it wouldn't be a problem.

Well, I hope I haven't talked you out of getting a Dane, they're really lovely dogs. And keep in mind that the regimens I stick to with my dog have been approved by my vet and you should talk to your vet before doing any of those things.

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