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Ranger Danger...


263, Zimbabwe

Posted December 8, 2014

When Ranger came to us as a puppy she was the most adorable thing in the world. We were all enamoured with her at home. She was awesome with little children, very playful and an all round joy to have around. She was the sweetest dog, that is, right up until she had her first litter. Ranger turned into such a terror that even we were a little scared of her. She became unruly, opening the gate (this was because of her sheer size) and terrorising the neighbours. She loved jumping on people, which is something that frightened a lot of people because she was huge. We had a few too many medical bills to pay after she bit some people on the streets. I suppose her behaviour was partly our fault because we didn't bother with training her. She had one basic rule that my parents enforce: stay outside! I must say that despite all this Ranger was a fantastic guard dog, not once were we robbed when we had her. She frightened our visitors though...to the extent that people almost stopped coming to our house. It was bad. I loved her though, and I was devastated when the vet had to put her down due to a heart condition. In that era she had become a shell of her former self, very introverted and spent a lot of her time sleeping and being in visible pain. Putting her down seemed the humane thing to do.

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