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United States

Posted December 27, 2014

I loved this dog with all my heart and miss him terribly. Unfortunately, in the end, his arthritis got so bad, he couldn't even stand up on his own to go to the bathroom and was getting very old and was in a lot of pain and we had to put him down, not an easy decision but we couldn't let him continue to suffer. Now, to the better parts of our days with him, he was the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dog you will ever meet and even though he was a Great Dane, he "thought" he was a lap dog. Lol. Very funny watching him try to climb in everyone's lap. He clings to his owner or lays calmly. Out of every dog I've ever owned, all my neighbors, friends and even just random people on the street just absolutely adored Jackson. Even though he was as big as a small horse, he was a big baby. Just an angel. He was great with kids, when my kids were babies, he let them pull on his ears and tell and squish or pinch them and would just lay there (poor thing) but he never tried to bite anyone. Unfortunately, he never was very playful, now remember in my review, I said we didn't have him until he was about 4 years old, he was apparently beaten and mistreated by a friend of ours son, he would kick the dog and neglect the dog and our friends were not happy with the way their son was treating him and they gave him to us, so he was very afraid alot of times, whenever there were loud noises or yelling (not at him, but between people) or even if you were firm in your voice with him and especially thunder, he would shake. But he in spite of what happened to him in the past, he was still a lover and he just liked to cuddle and lay alot, we tried to take him to the dog park to run and let off some steam but he would just stand there really and look confused when other dogs were around him and some smaller dogs would bark at him like crazy and he would still just stand there or occasionally start to back away and he never liked swimming, we did try though. But you see this is what happens when dogs are mistreated, so really, the way a dog acts is dependent on how he is trained/treated, like pit bulls all get a bad rep which isn't fair, I have a pit bull now and he is the sweetest, most playful thing ever, a little hyper, but never bit anyone or hurt anyone or any other pets so it truly is unfair that they have that kind of rep. Anyway, back to Jackson, the great dane, he really could care less one way or another about another pet, he didn't care whether they were there or not, he was kind of a loner and liked to be loyal to his main owner mostly, but I believe he was the best dog ever and I don't know if it's because I felt bad for him or what, but he always listened and I never had any problems with him except for health problems, unfortunately, he had a very weak stomach, we couldn't feed him anything other than a special diet type of dog food, even a tiny piece of scrap food would make him regurgitate or have diarrhea and like I said when he got older, he started getting arthritis and he had a hard time walking and then it got to the point where he couldn't even stand up anymore. So there were alot of good times with Jackson and alot of sad times with him as well. Be we all loved him to death and I would recommend a Great Dane to anyone considering a dog and wish I could get another one.

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