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Great Dane Puppy


United States

Posted September 22, 2014

Storm is our Great Dane puppy that my daughter brought home as a stray. When we got her, we thought she was going to be a medium sized dog. She was about 10 pounds and we thought she was about 3 months old. Well, we took her to the vet and the vet said she was only about 7 weeks old. Even he wasn't sure of her breed at the time. Fast forward 4 months and our puppy now weighs over 60 pounds and is 24 inches tall :-). We realized pretty quickly that she was a Great Dane (possibly a Great Dane mix).

This is a puppy that needs constant supervision. She hates being left alone. Although she was very easy to potty train and crate train. It only took about a week to potty train her. And she crate trained just as easily. But she can be very destructive if she's left alone unattended... she's ruined an ottoman, several outdoor plants, an outdoor chair, and numerous blankets/dog beds.

She is also much more playful than we thought she would be. She constantly makes us laugh because she is so tall and gangly and trips over her paws constantly. :-) She gets along well with our other dogs. She does like to chase our cat, but doesn't try to hurt him.

Because of her size and exuberance I would say that she would have to be constantly monitored around small children.

I would highly recommend this breed and we are looking forward to watching her grow (and grow and grow)

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