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San Clemente, California, United States

Posted January 18, 2019

Designer dogs like Goldendoodles and Labradoodles have really taken off. They are beautiful dogs who reportedly do not shed and are hypoallergenic. They are the product of the loyal and sweet Golden Retriever and the beautiful and intelligent Poodle. What is not to love?

My main issue with these dogs is the way they are bred.While there is certainly an argument for hybrid vigor (higher health due to cross breeding). There is no reliable traits for this dog. The size, composition, and personality traits of many of these dogs highly differ. Breeders brag about their status as no shed and hypoallergenic, but the truth of those statements is dubious. No dog is completely no shed or hypoallergenic. Most of these dogs are low shed, but genetics probability is odd. The dog might get more from the Golden Retriever. I promise Goldens SHED. Allergies are generally caused by pet dander, not hair. Though I am sure that many of these dogs are better for people with allergies than other alternatives.

My personal experience with one of these dogs was not terrible, but there were certainly some annoying qualities. The personality mixture of the Golden and Poodle might not bring together all the great traits that you are expecting. (The following describes typical traits.) Poodles have an independent streak. They have less desire to please than their Golden Retriever counterparts. Your dog might inherit those traits. Our dog certainly did.

Yes, he was goofy, sweet, active and beautiful, but he was also kind of a pain. He had zero desire to please and had to be bribed to do work. He attended obedience classes and did great in a training environment. His attitude was always, "what is in it for me." He was also an escape artist. No fence could keep him. This was not an athletic attribute. This dog know how to operate handles. He learned as a puppy that human beings could not catch him. His favorite game was to run in and out of traffic and watch the chaos that ensued.

Additionally, the grooming needed for these dogs will get expensive. They must have the hair shaved around their eyes and the underneath part of the ear (not plucking the hair) to keep the pet healthy.

I am certainly not saying do not get a Goldendoodle. They can be great pets, and my sister loved hers. It was the perfect dog for her while she entered the job market in her early twenties. Just make sure you meet the parents of these dogs or adopt one that you can screen for suitability for your household.

Breeders should also be completing health testing suggested for both Poodles and Golden Retrievers Beware a lot of these breeders. They will sell one of these dogs for thousands of dollars and pocket most of it. They do not have breed clubs to keep them in check. If you think breeders of pure breeds are sketchy. These guys are worse. Any popular breeds are also more susceptible to puppy mills.

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