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United States

Posted March 29, 2014

Jake was without a doubt the sort of dog that every child dreams of having. A golden retriever is hard to go wrong with, but I think there was almost no way a person could have gotten any better. Jake was well mannered, easy to train, and loved everything. He was afraid of thunderstorms, and that was the only time that he ever tried his hand at escape artistry. Every time he got out, he came back within an hour...and often time with some other small animal in tow. He once brought home two live baby possums, with whom he shared his bed and his food. He was their mother for over a year, when they finally decided to go their own ways. He repeated this baby racoons, and it was incredible to watch his love and nurturing. Once, when our kitten escaped the house, he took her into his dog house and kept her from freezing all night by sleeping next to her.

That said, there was one type of animal that was NOT safe with Jake. Chickens were his natural enemy, and he would reduce a chicken to a pile of feathers and bones in ten minutes. He also, probably due to his male gender, was not ok with anyone coming into his back yard unless one of us were with them, or he had met and established a relationship with them before. We had someone attempt to rob our garage once. All we heard was an enourmous bark...and frantic screams. When we looked out the door, the masked robber was scaling our fence to get away from our dog. Jake protected our family, and was also quick to protect anyone else he knew and loved.

In truth, you cannot possibly go wrong with a golden. Sweet, loyal, and nurturing, this an incredible breed. My only downside was that Jake developed a pituitary gland problem. A purebred golden, he grew to roughly the size of a mastiff. As huge as he was, he was not able to spend as much time inside as we would have liked as a family. The poor dog couldn't even walk down a hallway without knocking everything down. He also needed to be shaved, especially in the summer, to keep him from getting too hot, as I live in a Southern state.

That said, please let this breed into your life. You will never be really and truly disappointed with this golden angel.

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