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United States

Posted December 11, 2013

We got Zeus, a pure bred Golden Retriever, as a stray. Someone had set him in a box and left it outside our church. He was estimated to be about 4 weeks old or so when we found him. We took him in and fell in love immediately. He was pretty easy to train as far as potty training goes. When he was young, he was eager to learn new tricks and whatnot. As he got older, he couldn't care less about such things. He never quite got the idea of fetch. He'd go after anything you threw, but he never gave it back. However, he would greet you every time you walked in the door with a sock in his mouth. The vet told us that this might be instinct. Gold Retrievers are sometimes used in hunting ducks. Their job was to collect the downed duck and bring it back to his master. Whatever reason he did it, it was endearing. He was extremely family friendly. He loved kids and was very devoted. If any of us were sick, he'd lay at the foot of our beds or on the floor by our beds until we gave signals to that we were feeling better. He shed quite a lot and that was irritating, especially as we transitioned from winter to spring. As a puppy he did like to bark at night, but it was fairly simple to train him not to. As he got older, he would occasionally bark at people as they passed our house, but it was always a friendly bark. He quickly became known in our neighborhood as a friendly dog, one that would be nice to other cats or dogs. He got a bit grouchier when two others dogs eventually came to live with us and more territorial too. It never caused too much trouble and in the end, he made the two new dogs his friends. Overall, Golden Retrievers remain one of my favorite breeds. He passed away a few years ago from old age ailments and he is dearly missed.

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