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Golden Retriever

Overall satisfaction


Acquired: Breeder (professional)

Gender: Female

Training: Crate, Puppy, Socializing, Obedience

Quick to learn and train


Emotionally stable


Family oriented


Child safety


Safe with small pets


Doesn’t bark a lot




Easy to groom


Great watch dog


Great guard dog


The sweetest and naughtiest puppy around!


Astoria, New York, United States

Posted July 8, 2017

I got Lucy when she was 4 months old (she's now 10 months old) and I realized instantly how simultaneously naughty and intelligent this puppy was. We had to put a combination lock on her crate because it was the only way she couldn't figure out how to get herself out at night! She's never met a shoe she doesn't like to chew, or a newspaper she doesn't like to battle against until it's in shreds. She loves people so much, she used to pee with excitement every single time her favourite people entered the house. After a few months of this, we decided to get her a trainer. She picked up on everything really quickly. Because of her playful puppy nature, we can see at times that she knows better but she just chooses the naughty side of life. Luckily, the trainer reassured us that as she gets older she'll grow out of this.
Lucy is an excellent swimmer, who can belly flop like no other! And if there's a toy in the pool, she will stop at nothing to retrieve it. She's also excellent with kids. She's extremely gentle with my 3 year old niece, who calls her 'the amazing diving dog'.
Naughty as this puppy can be, she's so sweet and loyal that she completely steals your heart.

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The word 'retrieve' is in their name! Lucy loves nothing more than to play fetch with her toy balls.