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Golden Retriever - Loyal Best Friend / Velcro



Posted April 18, 2017

I adopted the cutest lil Golden Retriever puppy when she was 7 weeks old. Choosing the name 'Callisto', my little gold puff of fur followed me everywhere...and still does three years later. Golden Retrievers are the most loyal creatures on Earth; they stick by your side like Velcro. This is mostly sweet and endearing, but can get a bit much if you're someone who likes their alone time.

It's a very smart breed of dog and, for example, she learned to sit on command in 5 minutes at the age of 10 weeks. But with intelligence comes the smarts to not listen to you when she doesn't want to. This can be frustrating for you as the owner since this can lead to a very energetic, yellow hurricane leaving a swath of destruction in her wake. "Drop it" and "leave it" were dutifully learned by this pooch but, when she gets something really good or new in her teeth, will not let go unless offered a treat. This breed is very food oriented.

Golden Retrievers are good family dogs due to their very friendly, happy demeanor. They literally love EVERYONE they see. This extreme love can lead to the dog getting so excited that she knocks small children or the elderly over in trying to kiss them. You will find yourself apologizing for the dog's over exuberance a lot. Even though she is three years old, she still acts like a puppy (Goldens can act like puppies even up to five years of age).Their first two years of life are a lot of work; this breed is tireless and you will be exhausted just trying to keep up. She has started to calm down a bit since turning two and a half so now I'm just tired instead of exhausted. Having this breed is liking having a toddler who never grows up.

Overall, Golden Retrievers are lovable, loyal to a fault, happy, energetic, demand a lot of attention, smart, and intuitive. They are people dogs but also like other dogs. Be prepared to do a lot of playing, training, walking, running, games, etc to burn off their extra energy and keep their smart minds stimulated. It's a lot of work to own this breed, but the look of pure adoration in their eyes makes it all worth it.

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