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My Other Teenager


Posted September 21, 2016

We rescued Maggie when she was four-years-old, and she is one of the best decisions our family has ever made. I refer to her as my other teenager, because she now sleeps a lot, is always hungry, and doesn't really like to follow the rules. Have you seen the video on YouTube of the Golden Retriever in agility training - where she eats all the food and plays with all the toys? That video sums up life with a Golden Retriever. She has a deep enough desire to please her family, that sometimes she will listen to "Leave It", and she will ignore the item that is calling her name, but more often than not the prize is just too difficult to ignore.
Having said that, she is a gentle, loyal, and attached dog. She never runs. Even if the gate has been inadvertently left open, she will wait on the front porch until someone realizes she is there. Her excitement when company comes to the door is sometimes hard to contain, as her bark is as big as her size, and she is sometimes intimidating. It works well for us if it is someone we don't want at the door, but less so if we are trying to welcome someone in.

Golden Retrievers need *a lot* of attention, exercise, and food. Imagine your neediest friend. Now times it by 10. The good news is a lot of attention goes a long way. When she feels secure and well loved, she is content to sleep near you (she always needs to be near you). She is a beautiful companion, with a wonderful heart, and if you have the space to house her, the money to keep her fed, and the physical ability (or wide open space) to keep her well exercised, she will be a family member you will cherish for life.

Golden Retrievers are amazing family dogs. They love with all their hearts, and are impossible not to love back. Don't add one to your family if you don't have the time or desire to give them the attention they need!

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